I wouldn’t even be alive right now if it weren’t because of sports.

My name is Cheng Ho. Growing up in Taiwan, I’ve always been a poor student, but I loveplaying sports. At age 12, my father passed away due to liver cancer. Soon, my mother was hospitalized due to schizophrenia. My sister and I were going to get taken away to a local orphanage at the time.

Fortunately, my aunt and uncle who lives in Augusta, Georgia decided to adopt us and opened their house and lives to us. At age 13, I came to America in 2000 without knowing a word of English, anyone, or how to play football. Through sports, I learned English, made many friends, and was a running back on the football team. This game eventually gave me the opportunity to play football at Harvard University. At Harvard, I was a running back with 1731 in career all ­purpose yards and 12 touchdowns. Sports has taught me many life lessons and opened up a new world for me.

Having grew up and experienced in both hemispheres, I realized this journey is not only a valuable gift from God but also a calling and mission to make a change in Asian education - ­to make sports a part of education in Asia!


Make Sports A Part of Education in Asia
Sports are the catalyst to the development of strong values and leadership qualities in young people, and that is why we want to make sports a fundamental part of education. We want to change attitudes in Asian cultures where there’s a divide between athletics and academics. We bring the right solutions at the right time to make it easier to integrate sports into our educational system.


We believe sports are the most important training ground for our future leaders. Therefore, we aim to create the future infrastructure of sports in Asia by providing technology and services to enables sports teams to be successful. We envision our student­ athletes to network, train, and recruit at Choxue.

History & Milestones

The concept of Choxue was kickstarted by five members of the Big Family House Church in Taipei, Taiwan. The company’s CEO Cheng Ho and a group of like-minded individuals founded the business in Ho’s own apartment on the belief that character is built through sports ,and sports should be an integral part of every young person’s education.

The company’s name Choxue (球学) literally means “ball” and “study” and indicates a combination between athletics and academics. It is a phonetic play on the Chinese term “qiuxue” (求学), or “to seek knowledge”. The founders believe this is a fitting name for the company because its mission is to make sports a part of education in Asia. The name was appointed by Phil Chen, pastor from Big Family House Church in Taipei, Taiwan.


Founding Choxue

  • March - Choxue was founded.
  • December - Signed up and connected 28 High School Basketball League (HBL) teams in Taiwan.


Team Analytics and Highlight Reels

  • July - Assisted Taiwan Junion National Team's Silver medal run in Asia Cup via video and statistical analytics for the first time in Taiwan basketball history.
  • September - Hoosac School, a private boarding school in upstate New York, offered Jeffrey Chen, a 18 year old high school student-athlete from Sanmin Vocational HS, a scholarship up to $38,000 as a Post Graduate (PG).


Storming in to Live Broadcasting

  • March - Through video and statistical analytics, Song Shan Senior High School relaimed the HBL crown and Taipei American School wins its first IASAS basketball championship in 20 years.
  • September - Broadcasted Super Basketball Summer League (SBSL), Taiwan’s professional basketball league, and launched choxue.com version 2. Partnered with PPTV and Yahoo Taiwan for Greater China exposure


Seed Round Investment

  • February - Closed seed round investment.
  • June - Broadcasted over 200 HS basketball games and formed partnership with Yahoo Taiwan and Douyu TV
  • July - Became the official statistics provider and created websites for the 38th Annual Jones Cup, WSBL, and SBL.